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Adding a new employee using a template



  1. Adding a new employee using a Template
  2. Creating a Template
  3. Editing/Deleting a Template




Adding a new employee using a Template

When you choose to set up an employee using a template, the employee will be set up with all the options preset in the template.

1. The first step in setting up a new employee is to enter demographic information:


*Additional details on completing the Demographics page can be found here


2. Once this is entered, the second step is to enter a start date, seniority date, and home department. This is also the screen where the employee template is selected. Please note that if you select next without choosing a template, there is no way to go back and add one.

3. Below the Home Department selection, check on Initialize Configuration from Template checkbox. Use the drop down to select the template you would like to apply to the new employee.


4. Click Save to apply the template configuration.

5. Review the employee details to ensure proper setup, and configure additional employee settings as needed.

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Creating a Template

1. To do that, from the home page click on the tab titled Employees and then click on the Templates button:

Note: If you do not see the Templates button, you may not have permission to create or edit them. Please contact your organization admin or the Includables for help.



2. Click on the Add Template button: 



3. The first step will be to give the template a code and a name. The name will be used to identify the template when creating new employees and can be changed after the template is created.



There are four tabs to complete when creating a template:

The information that is on these tabs is what will be applied to the new employee when the template applied.


Setting up the Compensation

Click on the Compensation tab to open its options.


The compensation tab is used to set departments, pay rates, classification, and Daily Approval settings. Please note that:

  1. The departments selected here will be applied to the employee upon creation.
  2. Currently, there is a maximum of 25 departments per template.
  3. When adding pay rates and classifications there are no effective dates entered in the template. The effective dates will be determined by the start date of the employee, for this reason, there can only be one classification per template.
  4. There can also only be one pay rate per department and wage type combo.
  5. There can also only be one Daily Approval pay and holiday class set per template.


Setting up the Payroll Instruction

Click on the Payroll Instruction tab to open its options.


On this window, you will see the Payroll Instruction Name, Type, Formula, Default Value and a checkbox to indicate if the Payroll Instruction is enabled or disabled for the template:



There is also an Edit option that allows you to set the Enabled/Disabled status, a default value, and the formula:



Clicking on the Show All option will allow you to see other Payroll Instructions that have been disabled for your organization. These cannot be updated without first enabling them at the organization level:  



Setting up the Positions

Click on the Positions tab to open its options.


The positions tab is identical to the positions tab in the employee profile. The positions that are selected here will be applied to any new employees created with this template, including the Default Position. 


Setting up the Tax

Click on the Tax tab to open its options. Please note that in most cases, no changes will need to be made to this tab as employee tax settings are usually unique to the individual. However, there are some situations where there may be common settings among a group of employees.



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Editing/Deleting a Template

To Edit or Delete an existing template, simply click on Edit or Delete links located at the end of each listed template:



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